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Code Editors

VS Code This editor has become the most popular among developers. It has a great community and healthy plugin ecosystem.

Vim This is my editor of choice, but it's not the easiest to learn. You use shortcuts for everything which makes it fast and easy to perform actions, without taking a hand off of your keyboard. I find that this helps me stay in a flow state and be more productive.


Bash - programming guide
Advanced Bash -
Bash guide -
Bash hacker wiki -

Other Shells

zsh -
fish -

Awesome Shell List


Learn the basics of the command line here.
ag - Super fast string search through a directory hierarchy
aliases - Contextual, dynamic, organized aliases for bash
tmux - Amazing terminal multiplexer

Free book -


Free University Courses

Interview Prep

Code Review

Post Your Startup

Free Programming Resources

There are tons of free resources available, books, courses, pretty much everything you'll need.


A list of all the things a developer could ever need to reference. There's a lot here, but I use this list often to find helpful and recommended tools.

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One on Ones: 101
Leveraging Other People's Experience
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